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Thermic Oil

Organic Reconstruction


Thermic Oil Belma Kosmetik by Excellence Enzymotherapy is an instant organic reconstructor that provides the necessary elements to repair the hair fiber.

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The treatment Thermic Oil Belma Kosmetik from Excellence Enzymotherapy is an organic reconstruction that thanks to its components: jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, argan oil, and the enzymes that catalyse the reaction, achieves a heating effect on the hair. Similarly, and for only 15 minutes, we obtain an instant reconstruction of the hair fibre, as for the seal of cuticles. At the same time, it helps restore the keratinic structure of the hair, providing the necessary elements to repair the hair fibre. Also contributing to hydrate, repair and revitalize the hair recovering its shine, flexibilitiy and ease.



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60 ml.


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