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LI:OH Products cosmetics

The Bar Nourish

Solid shampoo that cleanses, helps nourish and also enhances the natural shine of the hair.


lioh products the bar nourish

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    The Soft

    Natural Styler

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    LI:OH The Soft – Natural Styler is a soft and natural cream to create free styles. Its formula based on waxes, oils and vegetable esters facilitates a textured, natural, defined and flexible style, and at the same time, nourishes, softens and protects the hair.

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    The Plot

    Free Styler

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    LI:OH The Plot – Free Styler is a texturising mist for endless styling possibilities. It adds body and volume, making it easy to create sea waves, textured styles or uncomplicated looks. While maintaining natural moisture, softness and providing protection against thermal and environmental damage.

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    The Gelee Mask

    Super Nourish Hair Mask

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    The Gelee Mask es una mascarilla a base de manteca de Murumuru y aceites esenciales que aporta todos los nutrientes, vitaminas, proteínas y ácidos grasos que el cabello necesita para restaurar y mantener una salud, suavidad, brillo y resistencia óptimos. Forma una barrera de protección que ayuda a reducir los daños futuros ocasionados por la acción de radicales libres, rozamiento, cepillado, calor y químicos.

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    The Gelee Spray

    Instant Super Food Hair Mist

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    LI:OH The Gelee Spray is a light superfood hair infusion of Murumuru Butter, Guava Leaf and Kakadu Plum, with Raspberry, Hazelnut, Pink Pepper, Frankincense and Clove oils that provides all the nutrients, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids hair needs to restore and maintain optimum health, softness, shine and strength. Forms a protective barrier that helps reduce future damage caused by free radicals, rubbing, brushing, heat and chemicals.

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    Be:Care Home

    Pack LI:OH

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    LI:OH Pack Be:Care Home is the perfect ritual for the fine-tuning and maintenance of your hair after the summer and holidays.

Belma Kosmetik
Belma Kosmetik

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    Pack LI:OH

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    LI:OH Pack Be:Ready provides deep hydration so that your hair arrives in the best way at this time of year.

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    Repairing rejuvenating facial cream

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    Original price was: €49,50.Current price is: €42,10.

    Lalola Juicy Repairing Facial Cream reactivates the functionality and cellular defense mechanisms that the skin loses over time.

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    Hydro nutritive facial cream

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    Original price was: €47,50.Current price is: €40,40.

    Lalola Must Facial Cream restores the hydrolipidic natural balance which protects the skin from continuous chafing.

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    Oxygen energizing facial cream

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    Original price was: €46,50.Current price is: €39,60.

    Lalola Cloud Light Facial Cream recharges the optimal hydration, nutrition and oxygenation levels that the skin needs daily.

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    Multi-corrector eye contour serum

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    Original price was: €45,00.Current price is: €38,25.

    Lalola Hypnotic Eye Contour Serum specifically relieves the signs of aging, stress and fatigue.

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    Serum Facial SuperFood

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    Original price was: €47,00.Current price is: €39,95.

    Lalola Halo Facial Serum recovers the proper functioning of the skin by nourishing the dermal cells with a powerful extra of active nutrients.

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    Exfoliating pads for frequent use

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    Original price was: €42,50.Current price is: €36,15.

    Lalola Rechange Facial Exfoliating Cotton Pads impregnated with gentle exfoliating actives which favour the detachment of superficial dead cells by means of a delicate microdermabrasion without damaging the skin, allowing oxygenation of the dermal layers.

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    Purifying calming cleansing foam

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    Original price was: €26,50.Current price is: €22,55.

    Lalola Wipe Cleansing Foam that relieves the skin from impurities and excess fat accumulated throughout the day, without unbalancing its hydration levels nor its natural pH, smoothing its appearance and leaving a smooth sensation of softness, calmness and freshness. 

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