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Clarita was born in 2017 out of the meeting and partnership of two lovers of the beauty world and lifestyle, Clara and Borin.


Clara is an entrepreneur and mother of three kids. Currently, she’s the owner of a company dedicated to the sale of exclusive professional cosmetics. In addition, she collaborates with the organisation of her husband’s beauty salons. As the saying says, if you turn your passion into your job, you will never work. Clara’s passion is the world of cosmetics and perfumery. Uniting passion and work makes Clara well versed in the personal care and wellness products that you will find in Clarita.


Borin, the other half of Clarita, is a stylist, trainer, entrepreneur, restless, innovative, and Clara’s husband. A professional with many years of experience in the hair care and skin care world, in addition to a passionate of personal training and personal development. He has developed training and development programmes for big cosmetic companies and has taught classes to sector professionals in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy and across Spanish territory.


The dream of both of them is to be able to share with whomever discovers Clarita, experiences and discoveries within the self-care world, cosmetics, well-being and lifestyle. Our concept of beauty starts from within and likewise connects with the environment. Only when the balance between inner and outer beauty exists, along with the respect for the world we live in, true beauty emerges.


And thus, the idea was born!


Why not create a different space where we can reach many people with our ideas, proposals and discoveries, with products we like which are also aligned with our philosophy?


Clarita is intuition, sensitivity, emotion, discreetness and enigma. Clarita comes from the Latin term claritas and it means “luminosity“. Our intention is for everyone to submerge in the light that Clarita transmits, since beauty is an attitude and cosmetics helps us reaffirm it.


The definition of our name is a declaration of intent for this space created with great affection and enthusiasm, which we commit to care, work and improve in order to be your place of reference for your personal and family care, based on our vast experience in the cosmetics and hairdressing sector.


Clara y Borin.

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